About Us

This site is an extended project of Ontaheen.com. Ontaheen defines as Journey to Endless. On its journey, mobile.ontaheen.com is another project which runs complete information about different mobile brands of Bangladesh. We are here going to include the prices of mobile with their reviews.

In this era of technology, Mobile is an essential part of our day to day life. From Morning ringing to before going to sleep we can’t pass a single moment without mobile. But finding the great mobile is one of the greatest challenges. This venture of Ontaheen will going to solve this problem.

To make this venture successful another two enthusiastic people works. They have enough expertise about Mobile specification with their price. They are technology lover.

What will you get from this site?

  • Latest update about the technology
  • Useful review about different brand of Mobile
  • Prices in Bangladesh
  • Latest news of smartphone technology
  • Store location of Different mobile phone Showroom.

Hope this will be another successful project of Ontaheen’s Journey. Keep in touch and keep us on your prayer.