Mobile brand in Bangladesh

Mobile brand in Bangladesh. in Bangladesh, there are lots of Mobile brand available in the market. If you are looking for the Mobile brands of Bangladesh. You are in the right place where you will get the list of all mobile brands in Bangladesh.

Mobile Brands in Bangladesh

  • Alcatel: French Based Company. Their targeted customer is low budget users.
  • Apple: It is one of the Most leading companies in the world
  • Asus: Asus starts its journey with mobile. Now it also focuses on Mobile
  • BlackBerry: Canadian Blackberry Limited Company operates this line of Smartphone.
  • Elite: Mainly UK based Company. They are making a different valued mobile phone for the low budget customers
  • HTC: The Full abbreviation is High Tech Computer Corporation which operates from China. One of the Most popular brands in Bangladesh
  • Huawei: The based on this company in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This company is established in 1987. Now, it is a popular brand around the world
  • Lava: Indian Multination Company. Within a short time of its launch, it becomes popular among the low budget users
  • LG: South Korean Multination Electronics company. Beside Smartphone, they’re also popular in other electronics brand in Bangladesh
  • Maximus: Maximus is a Bangladeshi Brand. From its very begining, it has maintained quality.
  • Micromax: Micromax brand is popular in the Indian Subcontinent. It is the largest mobile brand in India. Besides India, It is popular in Bangladesh.
  • Microsoft: One of the Largest Tech Giant in the world. Microsoft has own operating system.
  • Nokia: There is no one in the world who don’t hear the name of Nokia. Past few years they become leg behind due to its policy
  • Oppo: China-Based Electronics Company. Known for its Smartphone and Blue-ray devices
  • Panasonic: Panasonic is the world’s largest electronics company which is founded in 1918. They have all sorts of ability to make electronics products.
  • Realme: The Fastest growing mobile company in the world. This company launches in May 2018. With in the 7-8 month, it becomes a top 3 company in India
  • Samsung: Samsung gains its popularity due to its longest lasting product. This South Korean company is one of the top mobile brands in Bangladesh.
  • Symphony: In Bangladesh, the Symphony brand gets more popularity due to its price and availability. They made a wide range of smartphone in the different price range
  • Techno: Tecno is a Chinese manufacturing company based in Hong-kong.The Target market of this company is Africa and Southeast Asia
  • Vivo: Another Company in China. it has gained is popular for its price and quality services
  • Walton: One of the Most leading Bangladeshi Company which is growing rapidly. Awesome Market policy and customer-centric product are made this company famous.
  • Xiaomi: Xiaomi it is the China Based mobile electronics company which gain its popularity very rapidly. They are one of the most rapidly growing brand in Bangladesh.

These are all about mobile brands in Bangladesh. Besides these, there are several brands in Bangladesh like Motorolla, Sony, etc. But in the course of time, they already lost their popularity in Bangladeshi Market.

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